Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Special Edition NYC 2014 Day 1 Recap: Comics, antics and pics~

This past weekend, Special Edition NYC 2014 held their very first convention! This new convention was aimed to celebrate comic book culture without all the additional entities New York Comic Con offers. As an attendee, I can confirm SE:NYC 2014 definitely lived up to it's agenda!

The convention was held at The Javits center with the bulk of it held in the North wing( which is New York Comic Con's usual "Artist Alley").

Visitors were greeted with music (there was a live DJ!) and several life size cardboard cutouts of Batman over the years in celebration of his upcoming 75 year anniversary!

The Show Floor!~
Since I was attending both days, I wanted to focus my first day on getting a feel for the floor, hunting for items and scouting for deals~

I arrived pretty early, and was immediately on the hunt for Barbie dolls on the show floor! I know. I know. I CAN EXPLAIN-cons usually have great Barbie finds for great prices so I just had to try to get them before anyone else! Haha. I hoped my barbie back pack would bring me some luck (that and help me with my haggling), but I just came across a two!

Harley !!! @_@
Check out Elektra!
I was tempted to purchase that Harley Quinn Barbie, but I decided to try my luck on eBay. The booth owner told me he had JUST sold the Batman The Animated Series Harley doll and I cried a little inside.

Once I finished my search, I went hunting for deals! I recently gave up purchasing trade paperbacks and hardcovers, so I stood as far away from them as I could. Which was hard since they were mostly 50% off.

Check out the crowd!
There were comics $10,000 (and up) to a mere .25 cents! A majority of the booths offered comics for $1 and it was so hard not to go crazy. I manged to pick up a handful of $1 comics that I knew I had to have!

One of my favorite things about SE:NYC was that I was able to freely browse for comics without making people linger around me to check through the box I was looking at, you know?

First Printings~
Spotted this...Oh, Adele~
There weren't too many comics I was specifically looking for, just some back issues of Gotham Girls and Rat Queens. I didn't have much luck and the only Gotham Girl's available was issue #5 and that went for $150 and up!! T-T

Gotham girls #3 and a lil collection of comics feat. Harley
Since I limited my purchases, I only left myself with comics and toys to splurge on! SE:NYC definitely had a lot of those so I definitely wasn't losing out!!The slection of statues and toys was amazing! Everywhere I looked I found something I either owned as a kid or wanted to own!


Elvira <3 <3 <3
My childhood toy collection weeps~
After doing mild damaged, I decided to venture out to the Artist Alley section! I stumbled up Kate Bresnahan's booth where I spotted her Shoujo Batgirl Print that has made its way on Tumblr dash several times.

Oh Boy, is it lovelier in person! Kate was sweet and offered all her freebies which included a sample of her I have no idea what I'm doing book of comics- which was an awesome. (so relatable)

I also came across, Rich Bernatovech who I purchased a Helena Bertinelli piece a couple years ago at NYCC. It was nice to see his new work and prints~

Later on, I met up and spent the rest of con with Andra of Crowded Thoughts and Crooked Teeth! It was great to meet up again especially at this con because we usually venture to these events solo! She's great company!
While browsing the aisles and booths, we got stopped for a couple of photos. One including one by Lucinda Lewis of Vampire Realm, who was such a character. You can find it somehwhere here~

We both ended up with a little loot of comics, all of which were $1 or less. SCORE! There were a few I had my eyes on and decided to pick them up on Day 2~

My lil loot~
  • Robin #16, #80
  • Batman/Superman #24
  • The New Teen Titans #30 
  •  Kate Bresnahan freebies
I definitely took Day 1 slow and kept my spending super low, but I had so much fun! I wanted to enjoy the floor, ~all the space~, the conversations, the people and most importantly get a feel to plan for Day 2!!

Well, that's a wrap!!


  1. 150 for a Gotham Girl issue?!?! Gah, I paid 30 for my Harley Cover one and I still need the one with Batgirl. I'm never going to finish that set and it's only 5 issues!!

    1. Oh AWESOME! No, You will! You will! ^^